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Why Buy eCigs?

Talk about annoying! You go to relax on the weekend with some friends at a bar. You just want to have a few drinks to unwind and maybe have a smoke or two, but because of the new smoking ban your fun has been limited to only drinking. Hopefully wing night isn't in jeopardy too! The ban is especially painfull to avid smokers who must tip-toe around all the smoking bylaws. But soon that won't be a problem! Now you can smoke anywhere at anytime without being fined or having people ask you to butt out, thanks to a popular new invention...eCigs!
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Smokeless Cigarettes?

The ecigs are also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, electric cigarettes or e-smokes. These smokeless cigarettes are an electric version that provides a small amount of nicotine with each puff. Ecigarettes look cool and taste just like the real thing but are better in many ways! They dont have many of those harsh chemicals that are emitted through preserving tobacco and the smoke or smell caused from burning it. The smokeless cigarette is powered by microelectronic technology with a small rechargeable battery and a reusable cartridge. The cartridge contains a few ingredients to make it taste like the real deal. They also come in a variety of flavors including classic tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry and coffee.
When inhaling these smokeless cigarettes, a vaporizing process occurs that releases simulated smoke which is actually a blue vapor mist that evaporates into the air within seconds. Air flowing through the ecigs is detected by a microprocessor. The processor activates an atomized cartridge which injects water vapor into the flowing air. It also activates an led light at the tip to make it seem more realistic. This will dim when the battery needs to be recharged. The process might sound complicated but they are actually quite easy to use!
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Save Money With eCigs!

One cartridge provides the nicotine and flavoring for approx. 150 inhales, but the nicotine content is lower than ordinary for the equivalent cigarette potency, as the atomized cartridges are classified into 4 kinds: full (16mg), lite (12mg), ultra (8mg) and none (0mg). Each pack of 5 cartridges of the smokeless cigarettes is the same as 30+ regular cigs and, with the 5 for $12 ecigs special, you can save up to a whopping cheap 75% off what you would normally pay in stores for your ordinary smokes!! Think of all the money you can save over time!

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